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THE 70% FACTOR- The Globe is covered with blue/green liquidity we call water, and because it's so malleable it can and does take on an endless variety of forms and moods depending on how the weather shapes it, from both near and far.  I've spent my life by the ocean in Maryland and New Jersey, and I've seen many of its moods.  The Atlantic Ocean can be inviting, spellbinding, playful, dull, and downright threatening; but no matter the mood, it's always fascinating.

If you are as fascinated as I am by the ever changing sea, then you might enjoy having one or more of these prints in a 13" x 19" poster size print to display on your wall.  The print price is $15, and a select set of frames are available at an additional cost or you can frame it yourself.  If you're interested in buying a high resolution glossy print, just contact: and we can work something out for you.  

 Or, if you'd rather wear your wave, you can see samples here and order one custom designed for you from one of our prints, or from one of your own high resolution image